Actress, comedienne, singer, dancer, and businesswoman Debbie Reynolds was born Mary Frances Reynolds in 1932 to a workingclass family in El Paso, 德州给玛克辛和雷·雷诺兹. 大萧条时期德克萨斯州的工作机会有限, 所以她的家人在1939年搬到了加利福尼亚, 她父亲在那里找到了一份稳定的铁路木匠工作. 不到十年之后, 黛比在16岁时参加了一次选美比赛. She was offered a studio contract and went on to make history both on-screen and onstage, 在1952年的电影中开始了她一生的电影生涯 在雨中歌唱. In The Persona, 人物:拉斯维加斯的黛比·雷诺兹, 我们在1962年加入了黛比, still caught in the media spotlight following her divorce from husband Eddie Fisher and his highly-publicized love affair with actress Elizabeth Taylor in 1959. Now, married again, 希望能多陪陪她的两个孩子, 凯莉和托德·费雪, she moves to Las Vegas to begin her million-dollar residency at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. 她指望拉斯维加斯为她的生活提供稳定, 无论是个人还是职业, 因为她不仅是拉斯维加斯最经久不衰的人物之一, 同时也是一个多才多艺的艺人. 这让好莱坞考虑让她出演不同的角色,让她出演《十大买球平台》 永不沉没的莫莉·布朗, based on a real-life tale of resilience that Debbie felt paralleled her own rags-to-riches life. 她在这部电影中的表演为她赢得了奥斯卡最佳女主角提名.
这次展览将两个故事交织在一起:一个是黛比的职业生涯, 突出她的表演, collaborations, 和她的观众有着独特的关系, 还有黛比的私人生活, 展现了她对家人的爱, 她持久的友谊, 以及她“永不沉没”的韧性, 最终成为拉斯维加斯历史上永远交织在一起的遗产.

黛比·雷诺兹签了100万美元的合同L to R: Sidney Korshak with Debbie Reynolds signing her first million-dollar contract, ca. 1961. 由埃弗雷特收藏馆提供.


1962年9月, Debbie Reynolds signed a first-of-its-kind million-dollar contract for a holiday season residency at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. 经过几十年的模式化, 个人的困难, 以及与艾迪·费雪高调离婚, the multi-faceted actress wanted to use these Las Vegas performances to finally prove herself to the industry that she was thrust into as a teenager. At the Riviera, she would have a consistent schedule to allow her to spend time with her young children, and she could showcase her talents as an impressionist and comedienne and receive offers that would broaden the types of character she could play in films.


黛比喜欢舞台,有人引用她的话说, 他的演出计划是每晚两场, 一周七个晚上, 这可能是最艰难的演艺圈了, 但在我看来, 最有价值的. 我喜欢那种可以随心所欲地改变舞台和业务的感觉. 你不能在电影或电视中做到这一点.好评如潮,众星云集, 黛比邀请工作室的主管们到里维埃拉看她的表演, 用她的幽默感和魅力惊艳他们. Debbie claims she “clinched the deal” and was finally cast in a role she had longcampaigned for: Titanic-survivor and suffragist, 玛格丽特·“莫莉”·布朗.

img070凯莉·费雪和黛比·雷诺兹一起表演. 1970.


As early as 1962, 黛比·雷诺兹和她的两个孩子, 托德和凯莉·费雪, 两人一起出现在拉斯维加斯里维埃拉酒店和赌场的舞台上, 在黛比的开创性实习期间. 直到1971年, however, 他们三人一起表演, 这次是在沙漠酒店和赌场. Debbie performed her usual variety stylings and welcomed Carrie and Todd to join her in song. 托德后来开始跟着妈妈和妹妹弹吉他, 而嘉莉和黛比现在平均分担了主唱的职责. 尽管好评如潮, 嘉莉患有严重的怯场症, 可能是因为观众认为她是黛比的女儿.


在随后的几年里, Carrie struggled to maintain her own identity apart from her mother’s larger-than-life career and legacy. The two spent about a decade estranged from one another, eventually reconciling in the 1990s. They supported each another in their respective endeavors, including Carrie writing 1990’s 来自边缘的明信片 and 2001’s 这些老女人这部电影由黛比和曾经的竞争对手雪莉·麦克莱恩和伊丽莎白·泰勒主演. 托德再次加入了二人组, 还有嘉莉的女儿, 女演员比莉·卢德, 黛比·雷诺兹在南角酒店的告别演出, Casino & Spa in 2014.

MMDUNMO EC003黛比·雷诺兹的作品仍然来自 永不沉没的莫莉·布朗, ca. 1963. 礼貌:米高梅公司.


黛比·雷诺兹与女权主义者、泰坦尼克号幸存者的关系, 玛格丽特·“莫莉”·布朗, began with the Tony Award-winning 1960 Broadway production based on Molly’s real-life rags-to-riches story, 永不沉没的莫莉·布朗. Debbie found herself taken with Molly’s story of resilience in the face of hardship and petitioned the studio she was contracted at, 米高梅公司, 让她出演由舞台剧改编的电影. 因为黛比把自己塑造成一个“ingsamue”,她的建议没有得到重视, 她甚至连试镜的机会都没有. 为了向观众和电影公司高管证明她的多才多艺, 她转向拉斯维加斯,登上了里维埃拉酒店的舞台 & Casino. 她的综艺节目很成功, 她试图说服观众和电影公司的高管, 因为他们最终让她扮演莫莉·布朗. 电影的制作即将开始, unfortunately, 黛比和丈夫哈里·卡尔第二次流产.


决心坚持度过这巨大的个人苦难, Debbie immersed herself in her work and propelled Molly Brown to financial and critical success, 获得各种奖项, 包括她唯一的奥斯卡提名. 在她2013年的回忆录中, Unsinkable, Debbie commends Molly’s strength and refers to the character as her “favorite of all the roles [she’s] played.”



在拉斯维加斯和全国各地的舞台上表演时, Debbie Reynolds hoped to defy the expectations of both audiences and show business executives who, 在她电影生涯的第二个十年里, 在配角中开始把她塑造成“一个独立的人”. Onstage at properties such as the Riviera Hotel and Casino and at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino, Debbie treated audiences to a variety show that highlighted the quality she most wanted to be known for: her sense of humor. 黛比对她的个人生活进行了幽默而谦逊的独白, 她在音乐表演中与观众互动, 她熟练地模仿名人,让他们惊叹不已.


Her roster of impersonations ranged from industry contemporaries and friends such as Clark Gable, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Mae West, 给她喜欢的传奇艺术家, 比如芭芭拉·史翠珊. 当扮演史翠珊的时候, 黛比迅速离开舞台去换戏服, 戴着假发和假鼻子. 她扮演史翠珊的表演经过了几个月的磨练, and included a full orchestral accompaniment to accentuate the nuances in Streisand’s vocal range that Debbie was emulating.

穿着女童子军制服的黛比·雷诺兹. late 1940s. 由埃弗雷特收藏馆提供


Debbie Reynolds’ time in the Girl Scouts instilled in her a sense of civic responsibility and discipline, as well as provided her with some of the fundamental physical preparation she would utilize throughout her career, 特别是在1952年 在雨中歌唱. 当她被选为电影演员时, she had only three months of rehearsal time to prepare to perform alongside seasoned performers Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor. 尽管做了严格的准备和幕后与吉恩的摩擦, Reynolds’ performance in the film was a breakthrough and is considered one of her signature roles.


雷诺兹一生都在跳舞, 将精心编排的舞蹈融入到她在全国各地的演出中, 包括在拉斯维加斯, 有时甚至和前搭档唐纳德同台演出. 黛比的表演是歌舞杂耍的传统, 19世纪末流行的一种娱乐形式, 哪一个将音乐表演与喜剧和舞蹈相结合. This rigorous touring resulted in Debbie needing a professional and discrete space to rehearse. In 1979, she opened the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio out of a former post office in North Hollywood. For years, she shared her love of dance by offering inexpensive and accessible classes to professionals and newcomers alike.

img151黛比·雷诺兹在加州好莱坞电影博物馆. 1995.


1970年米高梅工作室的拍卖会上, Debbie Reynolds discovered her passion for film memorabilia acquisition and preservation, 估计花费600美元,她把自己的钱花在了银幕上的道具上, costumes, and artifacts. 随着黛比的收藏越来越多, 她开始在洛杉矶寻找开办电影博物馆的地点, 但人们普遍对保护媒体的历史不感兴趣. Finally, in 1992, 黛比和她丈夫的机会来了, 房地产开发商理查德·哈姆利特, to acquire the Paddlewheel Hotel in Las Vegas and convert it into the Debbie Reynolds Hotel and Casino.


在这个城市已经是一个成熟的表演者, 黛比把这桩新买卖想成是永久的, 稳定的表演场所, 以及她期待已久的电影博物馆的潜在地点. 这家酒店兼赌场于1993年开业, 好莱坞电影博物馆于1995年开放. The museum, 以及相关的演示, guided visitors through the history of film and showcased many of the marvelous pieces Debbie had collected over the years from films like 马耳他猎鹰 and 七年之痒. The couple split in 1996 and the casino closed shortly afterwards due to Hamlett’s financial mismanagement of the property.

DR Gold Dress South Point Solo黛比·雷诺兹在赌场的南点酒店表演 & Spa, ca. 2014. 提供:拉斯维加斯评论杂志.


黛比·雷诺兹2014年11月在南角酒店的订婚照 & 卡西诺在经历了一段时间的健康问题后来到了这里, 包括轻微中风,迫使雷诺兹延长了巡演的休息时间, 这是她66年来第一次“度假”.“黛比打算让她的家人在那里提供情感和物质上的支持, sharing the spotlight with them as she did in the early days of her stage career in Las Vegas. 就像1963年他们在里维埃拉酒店那样 & Casino, 女儿凯莉·费雪和儿子托德·费雪, 和孙女比莉·卢德一起, 陪着黛比,在座无虚席的房子里听音乐, comedic banter, 以及对演艺圈故事和回忆的回忆.


同时拒绝给它贴上“告别”的标签,这次订婚是黛比最后一次登上拉斯维加斯的舞台, 52年前,1962年,她在里维埃拉首演. 她在拉斯维加斯的最后一次演出被记录在获奖的纪录片中 《十大买球平台》:凯丽·费雪和黛比·雷诺兹主演该剧在她2016年去世后不久首播.


2016年12月,黛比去世,全世界都在哀悼她. 粉丝们的反应和敬意溢于言表, 电影产业, and from philanthropic organizations she had been involved with over the course of her life, 包括她深爱的美国女童子军. 在2013年接受《靠谱的体育网站》采访时, 黛比甚至说她“想以世界上最年长的女童子军的身份死去”,在她70年的会员生涯中,她自豪地获得了47枚奖章.
3月25日举行了公众追悼会, 2017, 有1200人参加,并在全球直播, featuring performances from the dancers and teachers of the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studios as well as from the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles. On August 20, 2021, 学院电影博物馆向公众开放, featuring the Debbie Reynolds Costume Conservation Studio which aims to further Debbie’s lifelong passion for maintaining and preserving film history.
黛比对拉斯维加斯的影响仍然可以在我们的屏幕和舞台上感受到. 在职业上,她在好莱坞和拉斯维加斯之间架起了一座桥梁. 就我个人而言,她的坚韧和善良将永远不会被遗忘.




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